Summer is my favourite season. It is the hottest season in all year. Then outside is really warm and people don't have to wear many clothes. It's good, beacuse then are holidays. Schools are close and everybody can sleep how long they want to. People don't learn for school, for exams, tests. In summer every animals also wake up for life like in spring, plants look really beautifull and we look more at eveything. Also day is longer than night, properly day in summer is the longest than day in other seasons. We can even see the Sun at 10 p.m at they sky! In summer there are the best parties. It's good season for somebody who don't like school but love warm.
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My favorite season is spring.!It was very colorful.Everything comes to life.Animals awake from hibernation.The trees grow green leaves.!It is warm.There are Easter. We go to church. We eat breakfast Easter.!The cast is a lot of water Monday.!Days are long and the short nights.This season is a first for me.Definitely the best of all.! ;)

Winter is the coldest season of the year. In winter days are shorter and nights are longer. When it's snowing, you can make a snowman. If you like skiing, you might go to the slope and if you like ice-skating, you might go to the ice rink. Winter is between autumn and spring. The first day of winter is on 23rd of December. In this season there are Christmas and New Year's Day. Some people don't like winter, becouse it's too cold, but the others really love it. When you want to go out you must wear warm clothes, becouse you might catch a cold or have a temerature. Children usually love winter.
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