1. Turn the following sentences into reported speech.

1.Tom said It is a great restaurant
Tom said (that) it was a great restaurant
2. I can't go to the party this evening Eric told me
to musisz wpisac odpowiedz.
3. This film is very interesting Mark told me
4. I will come tommorrow and fix the tap the plumber said to them
5. Those were the best days of my life Patty said
6. I've already done the shopping he said
7. You must type these letters today said my boss
8. I gave her the papers Paul said


Alan has interviewed some candidates for a job as an editor in a newspaper. Read what they said, then report their words as in the example :

1. I studied Journalism in America. I'm very hardworking and i get on well with people.
tutaj odpowiedz: David said (that) he had studied Journalism in America. He said that he was very hardworking and he got on well with people.

2. I Studied Modern Languages at University. I haven't got any experience in editing but i'm willing to learn and I'm extremely reliable
i na mowe zalezną jak wyzej ci dałem przykład.

3. I studied english literature in england. I've been a freelance writer for two years

4. I've been a teacher for ten years. I'm extremely organised and i never miss a deadline

Zad . 3
Turn the following sentences into reported speech.

1. Christmas day is always on 25th december he said
2.Dad said it's time for bed
3. I'll see you next week she told me
4. I've Finished the chores you asked me to do Patty said
5. we can go out tonight he said
6. They said we've never travelled by train before
7. The earth is round he said
8. We went to the circus last week they said
9. She broke the vase he said
10. I went to the thatre yesterday Sally said
11. I 'm preparing dinner now Tina said
12. Mum said you are going to be late for school



2 Eric told me that he couldn t go to the party this evening
3 Mark told me that this film was very interesting
4 The plumber said to them that he would come the next day and would fix the tap.
5. Patty said that those have been the best days of her live
6. He sad that he had already done the shopping
7. My boss said that you have to type these letter today.
8 paul said that he gad given her the papers.

Zad. 2

David said that he had studied modern languages at university and he hadn’t got any experience in editing, but was willing to learn and was extremely reliable.
David said that he had studied English literature in England and had been a freelance writer for two years.
He had been a teacher for ten years, was extremely organized and never missed a deadline.

Zad .3

He said that Christmas day is always on 25+th December
Dad said it was time for bad
She told me she would see me next week
Patty said she had finished the chores I asked her
He said that we could go out tonight
They said they had never traveled by train before
He said that the earth is round
They said they have gone to the circus last week
He said she had broken the vase
Sally sad she had gone to the theatre the day before
Tina said that she was preparing dinner at this moment
Mama said that you were going to be late.