A: Excuse me.
B: Yes?
A: Can I open the window? It's so hot.
B: I think so too. Yes of course, you can.

A: Excuse me. May I use your mobile phone. My child got lost, I looking for it. My phone is in home, it's 40 kilometers away.
B: Yes, of course. Call where you want.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

-Can I close the window? it's getting cold around here,
-Yes, you can, but can I ask you a favour?
-Yes, please
-May you close the door also?
-Yes, not a problem.

-Can I ask you something?
-Yes, I'm listening.
-May I use your mobile phone, because mine is out of battery.
-Yes, please, here you are.
-Thank you ;)
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