Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my dream,i was in house's aliens.There was a big wardrobe with him.Aliens Klaudia had friend Ola .they were ugly.there was king Martyna she was beutyful.Together with king we went to tolet .there was a big Alens.He wanted ate me i ran to the kitchen and found magican sandwitch.I changed mouse.i ran to the fridge i ate chesse.Alens opened the door fridge and,he saw me and wanted kill me.i ran to window there was a magican sandwich .i ate this .i come out and changed.i took a sord and cut the head aliens.When i cuted the head i saw ola and klaudia said ,,miku -chan ".I did't know .what they said.they were my best friend because they were ugly. and king martyna kiss me .and i wake up.I knew it was a dream.