Think about a fomous pop star or film star.Make notes to naswer the questions.
1.what is the person's job?
2.when and where was the person born?
3.what was the person;s first CD or film?
4.what are the person's fomous CDs or film?
5.where does the person live now?
6.what are the person's hobbies?
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Katherine Heigl

1.Katherine is a famous actress. She plays in films and series.
2.She was born in 24th november 1978 in Washington, USA.
3.Katherine first play in film and serie.
4.She first play in serie "Roswell" and film "That Night". N
5. Now katherine play in famous serie Grey's Anatomy. She play pretty
doctor Izzie Stevens. In 2009 was in cinema film "the ugly truth" with
kath. She was play Abby Richter.
6. Kathie love plays. She is a brilliant actress !