Description of my dog.

My dog's name is Astra. It is a beautiful bitch, and has two years. Astra came to us in a unique way. I always wanted to have a dog, but the parents liked the idea too. They said that I probably will not deal with it and all the responsibilities fall on them. When I was thirteen years old, the day of my birthday my friend ran up to the block next to the message that the trash is pretty, little puppy. I asked the parents to take this dog orphan, and because it was my birthday, do not refuse me.

Astra was beautiful. Gold-brown with black small ball like coals, frightened eyes. I made her a bed in my room and I took to the vet for vaccination. Female quickly got used to his new home and sincerely loved his people, who it is the same.
Astra is now an adult, medium sized dog, I more or less goes to the knees. You can call it a mongrel or hybrid, but I prefer a dog multiracial. He has a wonderful, golden-brown fur and fluffy, a little fox tail. On the street, strangers come up to me and ask admiration, which is a breed of dog. Astra has a big, black eyes, and aristocratic, long nose. Moreover, has long legs and lots of charm. Looks like a real dog princess.

Astra winter it in the brown dog's coat. At the beginning did not like him very much, but when I realized that covering protects it from cold, decided to accept them. On the neck is always red torques with a hidden silver kuleczce sheet with our name and phone number. We watch it on foot, but you never know what could happen.
Astra is not only beautiful but also clever dog. He hears when someone close to our apartment and loud barks. When, however, realizes that someone in your house or there any friends, does the noise. He likes to play with other animals, such as a neighbor cat. We have plenty of photos documenting their joint plays and have fun.

*Astra to imie wymyślone bo nie wiem jak twój pies ma na imie>

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