There is bautiful window in this room.
there are some posters and a lot of flowers.
there is a colourful carpet on the floor.
there are two chairs and table on the carpet.
there is a desk behind the window.
there is a bad next to the door.
there is door nekt to the table.

nie wiem nic mi nie przychodzi więcej do głowy..ale może byc??
My perfect room woud be green. I really love this colour. In my perfect room there is a big black sofa. On the walls there are many posters of ma favourite band. Next to the sofa there is a huge black table with 4 white drawers. Opposite to the sofa there is TV and 2 little mirrors. On the floor there are 2 carpets: one is white and one is green. Floor is made from brown wood. Next to the door there is also one big wardrobe wuth my favourite clothes.