Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
As I was younger I wanted to be a teacher .. But unfortunately .. I know that is not suitable, because I have no patience. I do not know what I could learn. At most math, because I am in this bad .. But still good enough to be krztałcić in this direction .. And being a teacher, I would rather not wyżyła .. now I'm in third grade computer technical school, where opieprzam professionally and do nothing. Language
Of course, not binding on its plans for the future of the IT profession. Together with the two best friends have established a life plan. We have four years to finish school, find work and earn jakąśkolwiek at least 12 thousand. Why? Now we are going to accumulate the money to the Fortunate Islands - Vanuatu, and there we live in the happiest of all the square find a job, build a hut in the jungle. I buy myself a new perksuję. No, not pokręciło me. I am telling the truth. Life does not interest me what I see around. I have to live differently. Whatever. It is my purpose in this life.
As already I'm in middle age and I'll have peace of mind, you can begin to write a book ... could also be a professional ezoretykiem, to proclaim the truth of the universe and stuff like that philosophical stuff.
Uh-huh, I would also at least once in their life to be in London.