Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The computer in my life plays a very important role both at work and at home. Are doing the work permit to meet the purpose.
In domestic operations the computer is for me useful and helps me in many things such as writing texts, calculations, listening to music, watching videos, communicating with friends, Internet access and collection of supporting programs and files.
From childhood I was interested in the construction of computers and their use in everyday life.
During the 7 years I learned to use basic computer programs and lodging. Now, he filed computers for friends and acquaintances.
On computers fascinated me a large selection of parts and the diversity of their capabilities and use for their construction.
The computer is also for me one who can receive digital machine with sufficient frequency that the user wants przetwożyż.
Many of satisfaction it gives me contact with the computer and I appreciate his invention. In the future I think wykożystać their knowledge to use computers to find a better job.
Possibilities offered by computers are not limited to those which are enumerated.
I think that will change my life for my lepsze.Celem considerations are often asked question, namely: "Whether you or a friend is the enemy of man?". Try using the appropriate arguments to determine its position in this dispute.
For me, the most important argument is that it is very functional. Nowadays, almost every house can be seen standing on a desk computer sometimes later sometimes earlier. Each family member uses it, one longer and one shorter. Some people can not imagine life without a computer. Do accountants would give you advice without computers? I doubt it, because he is needed in such serious matters. It may help a man converts money. With its help we can skorzystć calculator, multimedia encyclopedias, or games. All these items are in one unit making it very easy to move and is a comfortable solution. You do not need to occupy a slightly lower and costs. Another feature is its ability to work. Are being more and more programs that are gaining the highest standards and are used in almost every business. This makes it easier task, because the software is easy to use and anyone can use them. With a computer you can also work from home, just enough desire and a little time.
It's also hard to deny that is also a source of entertainment. Various films, which can be viewed at any time of day or night. There are programs for viewing such as "All Player". You can also install a special program where you can watch TV and listen to his favorite radio live.
Programs such as "winamp" let us listen to music without worrying about the format or length. With this very needed device can record your own CD, which can be songs, movies or programs, and we will do this through very well-known program "Nero."
One should also not forget the Internet. With it you can download one from the network wszystyko what interests us. When you do not have time to go to the post office, pay your bills, we can send so-called money transfer to this account. The networks are different sites and online shops through which you can buy much cheaper and more convenient, because without getting up from the computer screen. Such web services include "Allegro," "eBay" or "Whistler." We have access to all informcji from the world or a particular area or region. We do not have to go to a newspaper kiosk and spend money, because everything we have in front. Establish contacts with others and we fight through the anonymity of her shyness or express views on any topics. We do this messaging such as "Gadu-Gadu," "Oxygen", "ICQ" or "Skype", which is a program that enables a telephone conversation through a microphone and headphones. They are also so-called "Chaterie" where you can talk on the chosen topic. We łatwieszy contact with the environment, we present their ideas, written work, and even images to scan a special device. We can be proud of their skills or someone to advise on any forum where people help each other solve some difficult cases. Depends on what site we enter eg if we enter the page of mopeds is there a forum where people help one another in matters of scooters, rometów, simsonów, and write a motorek how to fix or how to clean and maintain. An additional argument can be knowledge. Using the Internet a more attractive study. The Internet is a lot of pictures and information on any topic. In an interesting way to learn what we are interested at the moment. Learning becomes easier such as English language courses. We do not have to draw the dictionary, because I just enter the password and everything we know. In an interesting way zaznamiają us with basic life-style or tradition. Younger children learn to read, write and paint in the color schemes created for this purpose. Or you can grind on your typing or reading comprehension. We calculate some very difficult problems in mathematics.
Nienależy not forget that the computer is just a machine. How wszystyko others, also has its drawbacks. Frequent sitting at a computer can make us even. This can badly affect our lives for sport or social events. We get to know people in the virtual world, but we forget about what is here and now. But we can not forget about what for us is very important. So for a walk with my girlfriend or meeting with friends, because they are very important in our lives.
It seems that the infinitely adjustable seat, often in the computer there is nothing wrong but this is wrong thinking. Our profile is changing, spine defects, as playing, do not pay attention to posture. Are likely to affect the eyes, because excessive biskośc from the monitor can damage it. Hardly anyone remembers the protective filters or glasses.
Someone may seem, with frequent playing computer games do not affect in any way on our psyche. Research has shown otherwise. Violence in video games to children creates indifference to violence and aggression. In some cases, young people move to the standard of the game of life. They become aggressive towards their peers and can not be zaklimatyzować. Another argument may be that children have access to different images or movies where the content is forbidden for them, because they are allowed eighteen years. Parents are convinced of the loyalty of their little ones, but not always so. Only later, it appears that they are doing something very wrong and is not decent, because I think that watching erotic movies and playing such games, it is not decent.
Despite many arguments on both sides of the other "side" of the computer, I believe that it is man's best friend on many issues and I could not live without it and I would not give advice so suddenly from him, "reversed."
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