Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I have big set books in school.
2. i must to wear a school uniform in school.
3.in my lessons i can't cheat in an exam.
4. i must study hard because my mum bought me new book
5.i have locker in my house.
6.we have to office in my school.
I read a set books.
I wear a school uniform.
My friend cheat in an exam in the test.
I study hard in all quizes.
He closed your locker.
You went to an office.

When I arrived home i have set my books off.

In our school We must wear uniforms.

All people from my class are cheating in exam.

Roman is good in football but He doesn't study hard.

I want to have lockers for books in my school.

I was in office today, I musted pay for dinners.
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