Potrzebuje odpowiedzi na następujące pytania (conajmniej 5 argumentów/odpowiedzi do każdego i muszą być w formie zdania):
1.What should a good doctor be like?
2.What is your favorite school subject? Why?
3.Would you like to join the army? Why?
4.What should a good teacher be like?
5.What are bad and good sides of sharing a room?
6. Where would you prefer to live in the future? In the city, in the suburbs, in the centre of the city? Why? (do każdej propozycji conajmniej 5 argumentów)
7. What should an ideal teacher be like?
8. How important is to have the library at school? Why?
9. What do you think about single- sex school?
10.What do you like doing in your free time?
11. What kind of profession do you think are the most dangerous and why?
12.What can people do to stay healthy?
13.Do you think that shoplifting is a serious crime? Why?
14.Why do people argue/quarrel/have an argument?
15. How can we help disabled people?
16.Which means of transport you do not like to use and why? (3 różne środki transportu po 5 argumentów)
17. Which means of transport you do like to use and why? (3 różne środki transportu po 5 argumentów)
18. How important is to have art lesson at school?
19.How can animals help people?
20. How can we protect our environment?
21.What is your opinion on fast food? Why?
22.In your opinion what, characteristic should a good boyfriend have?
23.In your opinion what, characteristic should a good girlfriend have?
24.Is sport important in your life? Why?
25. What is your favorite holiday? Why?
26. Do you care what you eat? Why?



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2.My favorite subject at school is English
is very useful
3.no no I would like to join the army This is not for me
4.understanding for students
6.in the future will to live in the city
7.well learn
be able to benefit from the information from books
I have no opinion
10.read books, play on your computer
the life of a firefighter rescuing people from burning building

pic is not one bottle of sick person
13.because so did you take something without paying, and not by chance that only intentionally
2.My favorite subject in school is English. He learns a lot of different things in the future I could use them. So far I have met a lot of words and a dozen times.
3.No I do not want.
4.Teachers should be patient, understanding and fair.
8.In each school should be a library. It allows students to borrow books.
10.I am in my free time I like to walk, play volleyball and meet with prztjaciółmi.
12.The most important is proper diet.
Przepraszam,że nie odpowiedziałam na wszystkie pytania .