Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I'm writing to you 'cause I'd like to tell you what has happened recently. I'm abroad, exactly in London, my parents have bought a house there. I'm very happy, I have just made some new friends. I attend to an English school and always start lessons at 8am, so I gotta wake up early :(. I like my school because this place is different than all where I have ever been. People are kind and helpful, for example - my new friend Ted always helps me when I don't understand something. Thanks to my new friend I can study English at least, We are practicing our English every Friday. However my new school is also bad, as I mentioned at the bottom of this letter I always have to wake up early and I've got lots of lessons, maybe It's hard to believe but I have 8 lessons everyday includes some short brakes and one 30 minutes brake for lunch :). The town where I live is even nice, there are many shops, cinema, theater and lots of tourist attractions. Oh! I would forget! I haven't told you about travel, so It went well without problems, although I and my parents had some misunderstanding on the airport. I think It's all what you wanna know :) How do you feel? Everything OK? Write to me as soon as possible.

Best wishes
(twoje imie)
Hi Miss Smith!
I am in my new school in London. It is very nice school, but I must wearing a school uniform. I met new friends. People here are really very friendly, but teachers are very demaning. I belong to Biolog club and I really make a progress. I take active part in lessons, so I think that teachers like me. Everyone have a lockers! This school is really nice! But I don't like fly aeroplane!

See you soon!