Present Continuous:
- I`m playing the guitar at the moment
- Tonight I`m writing a letter
- I see, that the bird is flying very high

Past simple:
- Yesterday I played games
- Two weeks ago I went to the cinema
- Month ago I wrote an email in my house

Present simple:
- she goes to school everyday
- The birds are flies
- He wrote a lot of books

Past Continuous:
- Yesterday I was writing a homework all day
- Two months ago I was flying by the plane
- She was playing a volleyball all summer

Present Perfect:
- He has wrote a books since 1994
- She has playing football for two months
- I am gone to cinema every weekend
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Present Continous:
I am playing volleyball now,
I am flying by a plan right now.
I am going to school tomorrow.

Past Simple:
I went to school yesterday.
I played volleyball 4 years ago.
I wrote the letter 2 days ago.

Present Simple:
I always play volleyball on Mondays.
I often write letters to my friends.
Sometimes my father goes to the restaurant with me.

Past Continous:
I was writting the letter all day yesterday.
We were playing soccer and he was flying so high.
You were going to the church all day.

Present Perfect:
I have played soccer.
You have never gone to Brasil.
We have written a letters.