Jaki to ma być festiwal ?

I was on ..... festival.
I went to ....
I was watching .....
I was talking with, about smt. ...
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

In Brazil, people celebrate carnival in February or March.Every region has it's own festival, but carnival in Rio is the most famous. It lasts four days and millions of people go to it, including 300,000 foreign visitors. It's bigger than any other Brazilian carnival-and better,say the cariocas (the people of Rio)
There are two nightr of parades in the streets and in the giant samba stadium,which holds 90,000 people. Some parades have thousands of dancers, all in the most amazing costumes, and 600 to 800 drummers. Each parade lasts ten to twelve hours and the judges choose the best dancers. There are also all-night carnival balls with non-stop loud music.
At carnival, Rio is the most exciting city in the world, but it is also one on the most expensive- hotels and taxis cost four times as much as usual. But that's because Rio has the biggest and most spectacular carnival in the world!