Napisz po ANGIELSKU tekst o naszej szkole na temat : sali gimnastycznej, nauczycielach, dyrektorze, co mi się tam podoba ;)
-moja wychowawczyni to pani Kołacz
-dyrektor mojej szkoły to pani Lamik
-uczę się w szkole . im. Stanisława Ligonia .

PLIS POTRZEBUJE TEGO ;) MUSI BYĆ 150 słów 9 (to kilka zdań) DZĘKI ;*



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I am 15 years old and I am a student of the Middle School 21, in Nieszawska Street 21. This is near my house, so I can walk there every day, and it takes only ten minutes. That isn`t a typical grammar school, because it icludes several types of schools. It`s very interesting, because we can meet and talk to students from other schools.
I like computers very much and at school we have the possibility to use them. There are two computer labolatories and one of them has got the Internet. I often use it. There is a big gymnasium, where we have gym, or can play basketball or volleyball. During breaks we can play table tennis in the club or just talk to our colleagues. We also can attend optional classes, if we have any problems. Our teachers help us.
My lady drektor name is Ms.Lamik, but my teacher is called Ms Kołacz.
I can say, that I like my school. There is a friendly atmosphere and good conditions to learn. I would recommend it to my younger colleagues
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