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Vitamins play an important role in the body. In the process of metabolism can act as catalysts, are triggers for each response. They can not be replaced by anything else. We need a certain amount, and if a shortage of our body is malfunctioning. To maintain health, we must provide each vitamin in the diet. We need them together with micronutrients only a few grams per day.
Vitamins are divided into two main groups. The first one contains vitamins dissolve in fats, and therefore A, D, E and K. The second group includes vitamins dissolve in water, ie, all the rest. Each of these vitamins play a different role. Just that one run out though, and already we feel the health effects.
If you have a visual impairment, especially at dusk, and problems with skin and mucous membranes, that we are lacking vitamin A. Without it, children do not grow, and women have a bad complexion. An indication of this vitamin deficiency is the loss of immunity, the presence of "goose bumps" on his elbows, arms and legs. Lips crack and bleed and your skin itch. The hair becomes dry and brittle. To prevent these troubles, you need to eat lots of carrots, peppers, tomatoes, egg yolk, butter, and liver and rice. If shortages have already occurred and lives in a big city, it is good to use fish oil or tablets in an amount not more than 10 000 IU vitamin a day. Better would be beta-carotene, since even at high doses is not toxic in contrast to vitamin A.Without it, we can not live at all. Has an impact on the state of tissue oxidation processes in the body. Deficiencies of this vitamin leads to a weakening of resistance, and many diseases. Is very sensitive to various factors, because so often we lose it. When we are experiencing strong stress, consume up to 3 g of this vitamin. The same happens when the heart is very sick, then it collects the entire amount of vitamin C, and the rest of its body is deprived. Moreover, is destroyed by heat and in contact with iron and copper. Preserves well in alcohol, a glass of wine can contain 50 mg. Lack of this vitamin results in scurvy, bleeding, weakness and zaziębienia, and susceptibility to infectious diseases. To prevent these troubles, you should eat parsley, citrus fruits, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes. They can be used even in large doses in the form of tabletek.Witamina E gives us vitality and "sexappealu. It improves mood and rejuvenated. It works primarily on red blood cells, which is why it is so important in preventing anemia. In addition, preferably the disease affects the heart, kidneys, and rheumatism. It also helps nocturnal painful spasms in the calf and tinea pedis. We find it in wheat germ, wholemeal bread, pokrzywie, broccoli, selerze, oil and eggs. If you eat too little of such food or feel welcome to E deficiency symptoms, we can use it in addition to tablets, the excess will be burned in the tissues of the body.
If someone lives in a smoky cities, inhaling exhaust fumes, it needs a lot of vitamin D it produces in the skin during sun exposure. It is not possible when the air is contaminated. More of this vitamin need all premature, little kids staying on the air, and adults who have back pain, particularly around the "cross". To prevent osteoporosis, women 30 years of age should eat foods rich in vitamin D3, and 45 years of age to apply it in tablets, but in consultation with your doctor. In food it is in Trani of cod, herring, milk. But it is the most important supplier of the sun. We miss it only when we are behind the long and heavy antibiotic treatments or have liver disease. When we threaten the bleeding, it can be used even in large doses, it is harmless. Generally produces itself in the large intestine, and this amount is enough to protect us from poor blood clotting. The food will find it in soy oil, spinach, cabbage, nuts and pomidorac
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