Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear (wpisz imię do kogo jest adresowany list) ,

Thanks for your letter I read it with pleasure. I waited for it so long. You ask how am I? Oh great in last week I was on the trip with my family. My mother ( I don’t know do you remember her) took delicious cookies with chocolate and my father learned me how to fish out. You know my mother get a new job. Now she works in this new bank beside cinema. My older sister (you met each other when you was here last time) come back to home on this vacation. She end University this year. You should see how she was happy when she told it. My parent let me on this Sport Camp because they like my mark, so maybe you could go too? It will be great when we will be on this camp together. After camp you could come to me and the rest of vacation we could spend together. And I could show you my favorite places like park, museum or skate park. Did I tell you that I can go on skateboard? Don’t worry I will learn you soon. Come to me the faster like you can because I can’t wait longer.

Bye (tu wpisz swoje imię)
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