Write one piece of advice for each problem. Use should / ought to and shouldn't / ought not to.

1 I always catch the bus so I'm not fit. (walk everywhere)
2 I do my homework at 10 p.m. and I never finish it. (start so late)
3 I want to buy some new trainers. (save)
4 I watch television on Saturday and Sunday and I get very bored. (do some sport)
5 My friends and I bully younger children.
(stop doing it)

1 I want to go to a rock concert next month. (save money)
2 I want to run in a marathon. (begin training with short runs)
3 My friend steals from shops. (tell someone)
4 I'm always tired when I get up in the mornings. (go to bed late)
5 I've broken my friend's mobile phone. (apologise)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 You should walk everywhere
2 You shouldn't start so late
3 You should save the money
4 You should do somee sports
5 You should stop doing that

1You should save money
2 You should begin training with short runs
3 You should tell someone
4 You shouldn't go to bed late
5 You should apologise
1. You shouldn't walk everywhere
2. You ought not to start so late
3. You should save
4. You ought to some sport
5. You used ouhgt stop doing it

1. You should save money
2. You used ought begin training with short runs
3. You ought to tell someone
4. You ought to go to bed late
5. You should apologize