Write a paragraph in your exercise book about your attitude to television . Use the questions to help you.

How much television do you watch each week ?

Do you parents control what you watch ? If so, how ?

What are your favourite programmes ?

Have you got a television in your bedroom ?

What do you think is the best thing about television ?

What do you think is the worst thing about television ?

What do you think young children should or shouldn't watch on television ?



Mayby 10-11 hours so this is 1.5hours on one day
2. Yes, my parents control me, becouse thay must see what programs I watch.
3. My favorite program is Discovery Channel
4. No, I havn't
5. The best thing in television is science channel
6. I don't know, mayby Brazilian series
7. I think young children should watching tv but parents must control whats they watching. In television is very more
interesting programs.
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