Avatar: The Game is an action game based on themes from the film Avatar, a representative of science fiction. This is the title, in which all the events we observe a third person perspective. Director of photography and also the person taking part in the creative process of the game is James Cameron.

The story is told in the game prequlem in relation to that presented in the film image, thus getting acquainted with one of the most important work we do not know the story twists and turns of the second. The action is set in the XXII century, on the moon named Pandora. This place is characterized by lush vegetation, reminiscent of Earth's Amazonian forests. The main protagonist of the game is a soldier named Ryder. At Pandora is a war between the RDA corporation, created by humans, and cosmic race Na'vi. This corporation wants to conquer the moon and begin operations there are valuable minerals. The expansion of the RDA means the repression of Na'vi race, which is to stand ready to fight for their freedom. The player in the game can tell after one of the parties to the conflict. The differences between these factions means the possibility to move the main plot in two different ways.

Depending on your faction, the hero gets access to various types of weapons, equipment and improvements. Ryder can therefore use the 14 types of weapons that can be improved in terms of firepower. Moreover, during the game you can acquire different skills - to 9 on each side of the conflict. Extensive sites offer the opportunity to use means of transport - vehicles and animals Na'vi RDA.

Especially great importance to the three-dimensional artist przyłożyli graphic. It deals with a separate studio, called Hybrid. Moreover, part of the character models and monsters has been prepared by WETA studios, whose main task was to prepare the film Avatar. Heroes of the game suggest the voices of real, well-known actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi and Stephen Lang.