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Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated in many English speaking countries on October 31. Children wear costumes and they go to people's homes saying "Trick or treat!" to ask for sweets. This comes from a threat. It means, "Give me a treat or I will play a trick on you." Children today usually do not do the tricks if they do not get treats. But some children still do mischief (pranks or things to make fun of people like putting toilet paper in trees or writing with soap on windows or throwing eggs at their house). People sometimes wearing costumes and attending costume parties, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.In Poland thanks to this occasion, are held many cultural events in nightclubs, theater performances and film screenings in cinemas for adults.Schools and kindergartens organize additional attractions for their pupils.
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Halloween is coming from the Celtic Samhain rite. Over 2 thousand years ago on that day a summer was being said goodbye to, a winter was welcomed as well as a holiday of the deceaseds was being get around. At night on 31 October on 1 November the pagan god freed Samhain deaths ghosts of the deceaseds. One's souls called on by the god of the death of the deceaseds expiated for their guilt in the form of animals. In order to scare evil spirits off people built a bonfire and they changed themselves into bizarre dresses. Irish immigrants brought the tradition about to the North America in the 19th century. In the second half of the 20th century the holiday found its way to western Europe. Halloween in Poland became popular at the end of years 90.On this occasion for adults numerous cultural events are being organised in night clubs, stage performances and screenings of a film in cinemas. Schools and nursery schools are organising additional attractions on this occasion for their foster children. In Halloween of children changed too terrible film figures are coming to the school. Walking house-to-house and clearing sweets away by children are occasionally happening, but more and more often. For games halloweenowych catching apples is included (bobbing for apples), which with the help of teeth one should catch floating apples in. Undamaged apple at the play, is supposed to equal happiness in the next year. Halloweenowe of the play is also jumping by candles which are deployed in the wheel on the earth. Candles which won't pass on, are happy months next year. A next game is throwing the nut into the bonfire being on fire. If the nut cracks with a bang, it is indicating the requited love. Eating hands hanging on threads of cookies and fruits unaided is other popular play. On that day different forms of the fortune-telling also exist, e.g. predicting from saucers.
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Halloween comes from pagan Celtic customs. Halloween equivalent of the Catholic Church is All Souls Day. In the U.S., Halloween is celebrated very merry. In this day dressed children go from house to house collecting candy and sweets. Dress up as, inter alia - for ghosts, witches, black cats, devils. In Poland the feast appeared in the 90s The symbols of Halloween, of course, everything associated with life after death and horrorem.Nieodłącznym symbol of the festival is also hollowed out pumpkin with holes mostly in the shape of the face with a candle inside.