Napisz recenzje filmu "Two weeks notice" ("Dwa tygodnie na miłość") według punktów:
- what is the film? ( o czym jest film?)
- Who are the main characters? ( kim są główni bohaterowie?)
- Where does it take place? ( Gdzie ma miejsce akcja filmu?)
- What happens? (Co się stało?)



Going to the cinema this film expecting a light, pleasant to the eye comedy. Film in the style of classic romantic comedy that is "While You Were Sleeping" where Sandra Bullock will seduce your smile and play. Another movie with Hugh Grant, which reaffirm its image roztrzepanego, big boy. A movie where you can be sincere laugh, the film which is not necessarily a masterpiece, the film will never forget once you leave the theater, on which I could recall what better scene with a smile on his face. Well, partly I got what I wanted, but not quite ...
Let's start from the beginning. Lucy Kelson is a lawyer at Harvard - resolute, faithful to its ideals, ready to fight to the last drop of blood for the cause which supports the whole life fighting with people like ... George Wade. George is a millionaire-playboy, changing women like gloves and żartujący with everything and everyone. The company George thunderstorm old buildings, and in their place build a new one. The next goal is Connie Island Community Center, a place with which Lucy intends to fight. George just looking for a new lawyer, to manage the affairs of the company and the occasion to carry out his divorce, and at the first meeting with Lucy determined to offer her a job at his company. At the beginning of Lucy does not agree, since such work would be a negation of everything but what George fought a lawyer fascinated by the real result of a compromise - not tear down the building where Lucy will be working with him. Lucy takes a job i. .. begins. Rather than focus on business matters is "multitasking" as a sort of nurse George - helps him to make such difficult decisions as the selection of suit or color of the adoption of an envelope company. After some time have had enough, and that George did not want to give up such a great companion Lucy start by making everything that is George slowed it yourself ...

The biggest plusami this, what can I say average comedy enactors are the main roles. If Sandra Bullock is a little sluggish at the beginning and share with the development of spin is Hugh Grant enchants and amused from first to last minute movie. What went wrong and the most striking is the very weak script and enactors of secondary roles. All of this has ever been, associate with something, and sometimes evokes memories of other films. Lack of originality creators were trying to catch up wit what they, unfortunately, rarely going out. The film is a few funny scenes, but they are intertwined with those boring and dull in effect creates multiple longueur, which unnecessarily destroys the film's pleasant impression left behind. All this is what makes this production worth more than average, and commands only fans Mrs. Bullock and Mr. Grant, because they save the movie from complete flop.

Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant'a probably needs no introduction to anyone - the stars of world cinema taking millions of dollars for each new role. Both have a proven box-office'owych many hits. In the name of Bullock should mention such titles as mentioned earlier, "While You Were Sleeping," "Speed," "Miss Congeniality" and "A Time to Kill" and the Grant'a - "Four Weddings and a Funeral" "Notting Hill "" Sense and Sensibility "or" Jones Bridget's Diary "(Desjudiego Review, Review Ofirki). Alicia Witt, who plays June Carter, the successor could see Lucy min. in the "Urban Legend," "Cecil B. Demented" and "Vanilla Sky". David Haig, who plays Howard Wage'a brother George has to his credit min. roles in "Four Weddings and a Funeral", "Second Chance" and "Rachel's Attic."