Dodaj ing lub ed.
1.I’m too tir___ to stay up and work any longer.
2.What’s the most bor__ job you’ve ever done?
3.I’m only interest__ in doing something creative.
4.I didn’t want an easy job but I never expected this one to be quite so challeng__

Uzupełnij wyrazem z ing lube d
1.The old man feels______because his book really ____ (bor…)
2. It was a ____ film and everyone in the cinema was very ____ (frighten…)
3. They were planning a very____ holiday that made them feel really_____ (excit…)
4. The audience were____ by the _____ performance they were watching. (amaz…)
5.The men were really ____ after spending all day doing such a ____ job. (tir…)

Ułóż zdania z podanych wyrazów

1.your you about Could qualifications me tell?
2. two you I o’clock Shall at meet?
3. I some paper have Can more?
4. this mind Would letter checking you?
5. a you help I’ll job new find
6.I phone your May use?
7. you Can later me meet?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. -ed
2. -ing
3. -ed
4. -ing

1. bored, boring
2. frightening, frightened
3. exciting, excited
4. amazing, amazed
5. tired, tiring

1. Could you tell me about your qaulifications?
2. Shall I meet you at I o'clock?
3. Can I have some more paper?
4. Would you mind checking this letter?
5. I'll help you find a new job.
6. May I use your phone?
7. Can you meet me later?
1 3 1
1. ed
2. ing
3. ed
4. ed
1. bored / boring
2. frightening / frightened
3. exciting / exctited
4. amazing / amazed
5. tired / tiring
Could you tell me about your qualifications.
Shall I meet you at two o'clock.
Can I have some more paper.
I'll help you find a new job.
May i use your phone??
Can you meet me later??
1 5 1