Mam posłuchać piosenkę pt "Suzanne Vega - Tom's diner " i odpowiedziec na pytania :

1. Is it morning, afternoon or evening?
2. What season is it?
3. Is the weather good?
4. What is the woman doing?
5. What can you see on the table?
6. What can you read in the paper?
7. Do you like the song without music? Why? / Why not?

( tylko proszę o pełne odpowiedzi )

zad . 2
Choose 5 words from the box in exercise 1 and use them in sentences.

( zadanie pierwsze to było po prostu uzupełnienie brakujących słów w piosence " Suzanne Vega - Tom's diner " )
W ramce były słowa : horoscope , reflection , cathedral , morning , pretending ,
train , outside , window , umbrella , rain "

Proszę o pomoc.



1.It is morning
2.It is autumn
3.No, it's raining
4.She is sitting on the corner.
5.A cup of coffe and the newspaper
6.A story of an actor who had died while he was drinking
7.I like this song, because I like Suzanne Vega and her all songs

1.I'm reading horoscope
2.I see my reflection in the miIrror
3.I'm looking at the ancient cathedral
4.I wake up in the morinig
5.I'm pretending someone else
6.I train tennis
7.It's cold outside
8.Close the window,please
9.Take an umbrella, because it's going to rain
10. It's going to rain tomorrow

(Nie wiem czy dobrze skumałam o co Ci chodzi w tym drugim,ale masz;) )
1. It is morning
2. Autumn
3.No, it isn't. It's raining.
4.Woman is shaking her umbrella
6.In the paper I can read the story of an actor who had died while he was drinking and the horoscope
7.Yes, I do. I like the lyrics that song, but I prefer this song with music, because music in this song is really nice.