Scenka po angielsku napisz. Ty zaczynasz

Na koncercie widziałęś dziwnie wyglądającego i zachowującego się człowieka. Następnego dnia opowiadasz o tym przyjaciołom z Angli. Opisz:
-wygląd tej osoby
-jej zachowanie
-reakcje innych osób

prosze pomóźcie:)!



The man had short hair to her shoulders and green highlights. Mail a very wide long pants. And the pink jacket. We stand out from the crowd. Behave strangely races sat on the ground and began to stamp their feet on the ground. Then he stood up and began to scream and run. Some strange people looked at him and the others laughed.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Guess what ! Yeasterday I was at the concert and I saw strange men. He was tall and fat.He had long curly red hair, a big nose, a little eyes and moustache.
He was aggressive and screamed.Other people were looking at him. Somebody called the police.
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He has got brown eyes and short, black hair.
He is very nice and friendly.