Napisac pocztowke z wakacji np .gory .
Dam przyklad z ksiazki
We"re Mallorca. It's lovely here and the weather is fantastic.
We're at a campsite in a small villange.This is a picture of the beatch rear the campsite.We go swimming every moring and Kate goes sailing in the afternoon too.
Wish you were here!
Dan Kate.

prosze o pomoc



Dear Monica
Thanks for you last postcard .Im sorry I havent writter for so long but I was holidays in the mauntains and I was very busy . I stayed in the three star Gievont Hotel , The Tatra mountains is a very beautifull regions of Poland.I was on some trips in the mountains . It was amazing! The local food is delicious I went to Rysy restaurant and a tried kwasnica soup . Besides walking in the mountains . I visited many pubs and clubs . I took many photos. I have finish now .
Take care :*
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