Land will be closed in a special plastic coating. Serious meteorites will be about her break,and deadly gases humans will not be able to get it. Transportation will be fast, comfortable and safe.Stunningly fast trains will be thrust into land and oceans, will overtake the speed of light planes, and cars will be"so spacious and comfortable that even a long journey becomes a pleasure Household will have many more features. Instead of going to bed, we can press a button and the bed przysunie to us.On the bench the school each student will become computer connected to fast internet. Instead of eating will be small capsules, one adds strength and energy throughout the day. Of course, there are still restaurants where gourmets can enjoy the traditional food Love will pick up a first date on Venus, planet of love.Also, the nature of revenge for years of disregard of its ancient laws the glaciers melt and water sinks cities, countries and even continents. Cosmic rays on the human race will bring new diseases and painful death.With very few survive a global catastrophe, they will have to begin the construction of human civilization from scratch.If everyone will be guided by the principle of the common good and the beautiful love commandment.Thou shalt love your neighbor as yourself , the world has a chance to look forward to a beautiful future.