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My vision of the future
The future is a relative term. Everything that happens in time closer or further, mainly depends on us alone. We are the foundation of our future. "We" as a social unit, as well as the entire country, the world.
My vision of the future does not present too colorful. I can not imagine what might happen in a few - a dozen years in our country .. We will be a country with huge unemployment, a large hole in the budget left by the government of Mr Buzek (?), Graduate students will not be able to find work, will not you make a profit, and this hole will be difficult for us to pull out.
As it is the Polish scientists, doctors, writers are considered the best "gurus" in their field, why with us are not appreciated? They can not find a well-paid job, only to flee to the west of there to show themselves in their profession. Most young people will run away from Polish to other countries that have something to live, to somehow stabilize and live with dignity.
What about the fact that we in the EU? If at all you will be discouraged from connecting to the "big 16".
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