Wyrażanie przyszłości future simple, present continues i be going to!

1.Mark, can you go down to the grocer's and get me some vegetables? I...(make) a salad.
2.Let's get a movieon, shallwe? I...(see) what is on.
3.It's no use waiting any longer He...(come), anyway.
4.I need to collect Tom tomorrow morning. He ...(leave) the hospital.
5.Look at Brenda. She is so plane. She...faint in a moment.
6.Our boss...(retire) next month.
7.Don't even metion next week to me! I...(have) two meetings on Monday morning.
8.You won't get rid of me so easily. I...(noy/go) until you decide to tell me everything.
9.I wonn't be at home tomorrow. We...(go) to the zoo.
10.You'd better take an anorak. It...(be) much colder in the evening.
11. The menager's so nervous because the French ambasador...(stay) at the hotel tonight.
12.Sally things her nose looks awful and she...(have) plastic surgery.
13.We have to get up early tomorrow. We ...(go) fishing.
14.Look and the baby' face. She ...(cry) in a moment. What shall we do?
15.The festival... (finish) next week and life in the town will return to normal.
16.The entrance exam... (take) place in June.
17.Jane...(have ) a baby soon.
18. The tree is falling. It... (hit) that car.
19.I can't meet you today. I ...(have) lunch witch my boss in an our.
20.Tom...(fly) to New York on Friday. He has already bought his tiket.
21 I ...(be) a doctor.
22.Oh, I just realized that haven't got any money. Well, don't worry I...(lend)you some.
23.I've decided to repaint the room. Oh, have you? What colour... (you/paint) it?
24.I've got a headache. Wait a second and I...(get)an aspirin.
25.Where are you going? Are ou going shopping? Yes,I ...(buy)a new dress.
26.Did you post the letter for me? oh, I'm sorry I complety forgot.I...(do)it now.
27.Has Greorge decided what to do when he leaves school? Yes,everything is planned. He ...(have)a holiday for a few weeks.Then he...(do) a computer programming course.
28.Hallo, can I speak to Jim? Just a moment. I (get)him.
29.Don't worry about the letter you lost. I'm sure you...(find) it.
30.Have you decided where to go for holiday jet? Yes, I ...(go) for Jamaica.
31.Are you free on luntchtime toorrow? No, I... (have)lunch with my husband.
32.Look at the dog.Don't go near it...(bite)you.
33. Are you tired? No, actully I'm bored. I thing I ...(go)for a walk.
34.Call me when you get home. Ok I... (call)you.
35.I...(have) a pizza for dinner. I've arleady order it.
37.I...(be) a teacher when I grow up.
38.I...(promise)I...(wash)your car tommorow.
39.Look at than man.Oh dear! He...(slip)on a banana skin.
40.Jeremy is hard working. I thing he ...(be) a menager one day.
41.The music is to lound. Ok I ...(turn) it down.
42.John and Marry look so happy together. Yes, they...(get) married in June.
43.This dress is very nice. Yes, I thing I...(try) it on.
44.Why are you carrying your books outside?I...(study) in the garden.
45.My homework is very difficult. I ...(help) you when I finish mine.



1. I'm going to make
2. I'll see
3. He'll come
4. He's leaving
5. She's going to faint
6. is retiring
7. I'm having
8. I won't go
9. We're going
10. It's going to be
11. is staying
12. she's going to have
13. we're going
14. she's crying
15. is finishing
16.is taking place
17. is having
18. it's going to hit
19. I'm having
20. is flying
21 I'm going to be
22. I'll lend
23. are you going to paint it
24. I'll get
25. I'm going to buy
26. I'll do it
27. He's having/He's going to do
28. I'll get him
29. you'll find it
30.I'm going to go
31. I'm having
32. it's going to bite
33. I'll go
34. I'll call you
35. I'm having
36. It'll probably rain
37. I'm going to be
38. I promise I'll wash
39. He's going to slip
40. he'll be
41. I'll turn it down
42. they are getting maried
43. I'll try it on
44. I'm going to study
45. I'll help you

Niektóre mogą być źle. I takie małe zastrzeżenie: ciągle popełniasz ten sam błąd. Piszesz "thing" zamiast "think". Thing - rzecz, think - myśleć.