Wymyśl opis festiwalu.
Think about a summer festival in your country. Make notes to answer the questions:
1.When is the festival?
2. How many people go there?
3.Are there any specjal activities?(sport/music/dancing)
4.Is there any special food?
5.What should visitors bring??



28-30 April 2006, will take place in Santa Monica, Calif. "Discover Ireland Festival". This will be a unique cultural event to explain the Polish contemporary American audience, with its achievements in the field of culture, art, music, science, business and important events in Polish history which affected the fate of the world. Cooked at the festival has known Polish stage star Irene Jarocka, Goetz AcademyProject U.S. Foundation, Sabre Entertainment. In California, coordinating all matters related to this event, the group oversees volunteers under the direction Czeslawa Bauer, the well-known organizer of many Polish cultural events and the patronage of the "Polish Events in Los Angeles Entertainment"
Festival will be the guest of honor President Lech Walesa.

In place of the festival was chosen one of the most popular and prestigious positions - 3rd Street Promenade - the world-famous resort in Santa Monica, California. 3rd Street Promenade in every weekend, visiting thousands of Californians and visitors from around the world. That's why festival organizers are convinced that the Polish-day in this place will be a huge success and a cultural and business, the meet with a positive response amongst Polish-American, American and world public.
28th April at the exclusive Park Hyatt Hotel in Santa Monica, Poland Gala will be held at which invited President Lech Walesa, also welcome as far as possible all the VIPs from the region of southern California. and the greatest of Poles living in the United States, scientists, movie stars and many others. We want also to invite more guests with wonderful Polish minn. someone from the government polskigo.Lista guests is still open.

At the festival's program includes:

1.Wystepy Polish and American artists: blues & rock, pop, dance, folk dance groups.
The great event will be a historic media "in homage to Solidarity - the road to freedom" by the band Lombard.
2nd Three exhibitions tapestry Nina Kedzierski "Solidarity" and the poster Rafał Olbiński
3rd Polish Fashion Shows
4th Stands Polish products:
cosmetics, glass, stoneware, jewelry of silver and amber, decorative textiles, painting, handicraft art, posters, organic food and many others.
5th Stands Polish-American firms
6th TV Polonia is our patron and the media reportage on the DVD of this festival is circulated to all of the Diaspora in the USA.
7th The patron of the press is the weekly "White Eagle"
Organizing Committee of the festival returns in August with an appeal to Polish, Polish and American organizations, businesses and individuals to support this ambitious project and to actively participate in this unique event. We need sponsors (business and private) as well as volunteers to help in organizing this great event. All interested in participation in the "Discover Ireland Festival" in Santa Monica, California, please contact us, write, or email address and telephone Californian promoter.

See 28-30 April, 2006. Santa Monica
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