I like these events where loud music and can play well and have fun. The best feeling there is a lot of people where you are and who you talk to and where you can eat something tasty. For such events, most go with friends or with friends, then it is even more fun because you are friends.
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I love big parties! I can meet there lots of new people. My friends love it, too. Especially, I like birthdays. :) On my best friend's birthday people must wear special customs: big hats, baggy pink jeans and black T-Shirts with a tiger on it. ;) It looks very funny.
Music must be loud! It's great.
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I like parties, which are like a carnivals. I can wear many interesting and fantastic clothes. On party I can meet a lot of interesting and friendly people. The music on that kind of parties is incredible! Music from 70's 80's and 90's are the best for the all night disco party.