Napisz podobny tekst do tego !
SAL: Hi,Anna.I've got a new DVD.
Anna: Yeach , of course. When?
Sal How about Friday night?
Anna: Sorry! I'm busy. I'm going to a sleepover at Jen's house.
Sal : I'm free on Saturday afternoon. What abiut you?
Anna:I'm not going anything
Sal: Great. Let's meet on Saturday, then. Do you want to come round to my house at four o'clock?
Anna Yes, all right.See you then
(tekst ma byc tez po angielsku a ja mam na imie Patryk i o czyms innym :P)



Patric: Hello, Betty
Betty: Hi, Patric. Listen, would you like to go to the cinema on Friday?
Patric: Yes, I'd love to. What time and where it is?
Betty: It starts at six and it is in the Cinemacity.
Patric: Oh, no! Sorry Betty but I can't. I work in a shop on Friday evening.
Betty: Oh... that's a pity. What about Sunday?
Patric: Ok, It wil be great!
Betty: All right. See you then.