Dear (tu imię przyjaciółki)

I was really looking forward to going skiing with you next weekend but, unfortunatelly, I'll not make it. I'm taking the FCE exam in two weeks time and I haven't been prepared well yet. Last week I was ill so I had to cancel my private English lessons and now I must have few additional meetings with my teacher to cover the whole material. It's really very important for me to pass the exam and to get a good mark. I know that I wouldnt enjoy our skiing if I was thinking about how much I still need to learn. I'm really very sorry but I can't go with you this time. I hope that we'll go together some other day. What do you think about December 17? Let me know if that date suits you. I hope that you'll find someone to go with you to the mountains this weekend.

Take care and please, dont be angry at me.
Lots of love
(twoje imię )
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Mary
I missing you. How is going ?.
I'm alright and I have a lot of thinkgs to do. I stared to train a new freestyle dance so it taking a lots of time but I like it. I bought a new camera and my photos now are realy cool, you will see them in the future. My friend Jenny, you remeber she, I wrote to you about she last time at letter. She is ridding a hourse now, and she is really good at it. She even won a last chempions in our city, and she decited to go with me to the dancing class, I'm so happy of that. Dance is our favourite thing to do, we are always training :).
I can't wait to meet you.

Take care.
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Nie jestem mocna z polskiego, więc napisz jaka ma być treść tego listu ja Ci go z przyjemnością przetłumaczę na j.angielski . ;)