You have only a few more days to make important decisions, to unleash your power and energy which you need to reach your professional, financial and business goals.
Stars are giving you enormous support, encouragement and help everywhere where is important contact with another person, where are important personal relations and conversations. Good days are coming, changes, ending of commenced actions. Enjoy beautiful weather, which is coming - it is time for walk together under moonlight.

Work - The work will be a small circuit at the beginning of the month. Be patient and everything will be fine.

Family - Be more forgiving for the siblings and parents will see it and reward you.

Friends - Now, run out of time to improve relationships with friends. The conversation in the house you will spell out what is most important to you now.

Health - Take care of yourself. This month could be detrimental to your health.
Virgos love to help others .They are also very practical and like to do things on time. These people are only happy when they do something for others