Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Kity,

Did I ever tell you about the time I got lost in Budapest?
Well, after a long journey by bus, we jumped straight into a taxi to go off exploring the city. It was very exciting. And we really enjoying ourselves until we realised we didn't know where the hotel was. I haven't got adress with me. We'd been in such a hurry to go out, that nobody had brought the name of the hotel or the address with them.Well, it could been dangerous, but luckily we found a taxi-driver who said his girlfrien spoke English. so we got in the taxi with him to go and fetch his girlfriend.It was great adventure, but we were lucky because he drove straight to her house. Somehow she knew which hotel we were talking about and she directed him straight here.

Love Sandra
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When I once bought a ticket on the bus approached me some old lady and she asked if I do not have to borrow $ 200. I was a little surprised and annoyed .. "I said it when I do not have, she took off her wig, and began to cry hahaha have you! It's just jokes! I started laughing very loudly. Later it turned out that it was an actor. The whole bus laughed.
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