Now I'm a student and in next year i'll have to find a job. I'm learning biology now and i'm very good at it. In next day I go to school at chemistry lesson and i met my friends. They told me that they will go away from Poland and emigrate to U.S.A. After lesson they said that they are going there in next week. They invite me to the cafe for last coffie and then, they are going to buy some clothes and something that will be usefull in other country like plan.
wWhen i came back to house i met my parents. I said them that my friends will go to America and I wnt to help them. My parents said that they can drive them to the airport and I said that it's ok.
In the evening I called to my friend and I told him about this. In next monday at 4 am. we was at the airport. My friends were crying and they go for the plane. And I saw my mother was talking with her friend and i heard last sentence "And that was the last time when he saw them"