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The game- my love for you
Lauren Kinkade - Say goodbye
Leona Lewis - Bleeding love
Queen - To much love will kill you
A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover
Rihanna ft. NeYo - Hate That I Love You
Scorpions- still loving you i send me an angel
Daughtry - Feels like tonight
Kaith Urban - Making Memories of us
Daughtry - No surprise

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10 4 10
Celine Dion- Titanic
Celine Dion- When I need you
Leona Lewis- Bleeding Love
James Morrison - Please don't stop the rain
Black Eyed Peas- Where is love ?
Nana- Lonely
5 3 5
Give me your heart to night
I Want to Know What Love
i gotta feeling
To much love will kill you
4 3 4