• Użytkownik Zadane
Poland. That is how we are located in a world of absurdity. The country in which every fifith inhabitant died during the Second World War, the country of which one fifth of people live abroad, and the country in which every third inhabitant is 20 years old. The country which have 2 times more students than France and where an engineer earns less than an average labourer. The country where a man spends 2 times more than he or she earns, where an average salary doesn't exceed the price of 3 pairs of good shoes, the country where simultaneously there is no poverty and the foreign capital breaks in every possible way. The country where a price of a car equals 3-year earnings and in spite of this, it is difficult to find an anoccupied place in a car park. The country where former socialists rule, where church holidays are days off! A foreigner has to resign from any logic if they don't want to be out of their depth. The strange country where you can talk with a waiter in English, with a cook in French, with a shop assistant in German and with a minister or some other civil servant only with the help of an interpreter. Poles! How do you do that ?