Tim Burton probably not familiar with "American McGee's Alice" video game from ten years, which is today one of the most interesting adaptation of Lewis Carroll. If it were otherwise, he would know that the key to Alice's adventures is not a fanciful world of design and appropriate reinterpretation of Freudian allusions. The creators of the game, throwing the heroine into the arms of wickedly gloomy nightmare uzbroili it in butcher's knife and the rising self-awareness, thus coming closer to the literary original assumptions more than you may think. Meanwhile, Alice Burton is a disappointing return to the ancient, yet initiated the adaptation of a hundred years, the frightened girl's perspective, indeterminate, and swallowed by the enormity of the decoration.

Mia Wasikowska, young, average, average, experienced and talented Australian actress you picked a director in the title role, so much for the claims outlined image. Her figure is as wykoncypowana what the world after which it moves. Problems Alice textbook covers almost odruchowość: ot, sensitive, good-natured girl vs. a pile of adversity motivated by dissolving class families. Beloved father is dead, the mother has no sense of humor, my sister knows everything better, gossiping cousin to the left and right, and chosen by the husband of the environment is characterized by a doubtful charm swamp toads. All, without exception, lack of imagination. Therefore, Alice rejects scared nasty world of conventions, in the finals to deal with it a series of harsh formulas. What happened between? Visit to Wonderland cover this transformation does not translate so effectively, to treat it as a serious metaphor wydoroślenia that when writing the original guided by Carroll.

Indeed, this is not the first case where an adaptive wants also used (and perhaps above all?) For an adult reader's novel has become a vehicle for youthful adventure zinfantylizowanym. Burton may be the first of this assumption wyszedłby unscathed, but the fact that the key sequences in this case the surface is treated as a compulsory buckle samopasu fantastic, takes him to triumph. For though the land title seduces fabulous flourish, then moving on it turns out to be Alice miałką form and without internal conflict, which in the universe dziwadeł underground makes it the least interesting. It is, after all Hatter torn painful trauma of the past, the Red Queen - an unfortunate freak in a world of hypocrisy, and White Queen - otumaniona hipiska inability to accept the liability incurred by itself. On the background of Alice is just a girl who fell into the rabbit hole.

Surprising is a concept for a story, whose heroine is a catalyst for the events, especially since it happened Tim already implemented a similar plot ("Big Fish," "Edward Scissorhands") and each time he impressed as a psychological nuances stand in the foreground. Here, however, from the very beginning it was probably for something completely different. Filming of "Alice," Burton suggested after so long that the project that eventually became nachalnym magnum opus, which satisfy all except the author. Perhaps it is because of "Alice ..." again (see for example: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") does not feel the passion to create, and the earnest desire to meet the expectations of an ever wider and increasingly younger audiences.

From this viewpoint, the film works splendidly: offering the world a confident, marked by a hint of madness, fantasy, a constellation of Favourites epizodystów (Bonham-Carter, Spall, Rickman), a pinch of black humor and, finally, another stranger-than-the previous incarnation of teen idol, Johnny Depp . So why is pretty slick, and basically not autonomous Collage excited, is not involved? The success of Burton's best films has always been a hero. Just remember Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Ichabod Crane, and even Vincent's memorable shorts from the past. Their inner conflict, and clearly did not allow further specified emotional triumph syntax perfect world, after which they had to move. Alice loses this control before it swallows the rabbit hole goes. From the very beginning is only a decoration, an addition that can integrate with full freedom of panorama in a noisy Wonderland.