A: Hi I'm Monika
B: Hi I'm Jenny, Do you like music ?
A: Yes, of course
B: Which kind of music ?
A; I like Jewish music.
B: Interesting, so what is your favourite band?
A: Hmm, I think ,,Hagasa,,
B:I have to listen to them.
A; Ok, cya
B; Bye
- Do you like your school?
- No, not really.
- Oh, is it old or vandalised?
-No, in fact it is quite modern. Our school is very close to busy and dangeruos crossroads. Everywhere around the school there are grey and dusty walls with grafitti and dirty stains.
A: Hello Anna
B: Hello
A: Have you got any hobby ?
B: Yes, my hobby is dance .
A: Really ? How long do you dance?
B: Two years.
A : It's a long time , have you got only one hobby?
B: No , i love sing!
A: Can you do it?
B:Of course .
A : How music do you like to sing?
B: I like to sing pop