muszę napisać historyjkę po angielsku w czasie przeszłym...czyli past simple i continuous... w kilku zdaniach 6-7. Mam zrobione notatki o 2 tematach z której musze wybrac jeden i opisać.

What happened?
1. Police arrested two men.
2. Three people were taken to hospital.

1. In Oxford.
2.In Aspen, Colorado.

1.This morning.
2.Last night.

1.They saw them stealing from a shop.
2.They had an accident while they were skiing.

i tu trzeba wybrać albo temat 1, albo temat 2 ...będę bardzo wdzięczna za pomoc:)



In my dream it was a warm aytumn afternon. I wos having a picnic in the forest with my family. My parents were were relaxing while I was flaying my kite. Sudenly, a big bear appeared from behind a tree. It was looking for food. I saw me and came after me. I quickly climbed a tree but then I heard a loud cracking noise. I was falling out of the tree and the bear was waiting for me below I started screaming and... I woke up.
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