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keep in touch, argue, get on well, understand each other, hate someone leave a mees, destroy,close,form,keep,loyal,have,breake off,new,put your things away,household duties,have arguments,surprise partiessend birthday cards



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My friend is gone back home now, but we will keep in touch.
Steven likes to argue.
Those two girls get on well with each other.
Mary and Brian understand each other well.
The kitchen sink is dirty again, i just hate someone leave a mess.
Don't play with the TV, you'll destroy it!
Could you close the window, please?
Sign language is another form of communicating.
Mary, keep your room tidy, please.
John has always been a loyal friend of mine.
I have a bicycle.
I don't like them I need to break off that group of people.
Last year I bought a new car.
Let's tidy up here Mark, please put your things away.
Mary enjoys doing all kind of household duties.
They often have arguments with each other.
Mary loves everything that reminds her of her birthday, like surprise parties and birthday cards.