My best friend is Angela . She is very funny . We have a the interests. Angela is very high and slim. He has the brown long straight hair and beautiful large green eyes. Very much he likes to get dressed in legins and different tunics. Angela always helps me with difficult situations, he is comforting me. He can always also amuse me. Very much we often go for the shopping and for rolls, or walks together. Angela the same as I is interested in a fashion and a music. We like the same contractors. Angela is also often very inventive is altering his garments to different ways. Angela quite well deals with at school the most likes chemistry and the fine arts, because very much nicely I am painting. The most Angela likes to eat pizzas and chips. When we have but we are visiting the time oneself. I think that it is worthwhile having the so wonderful, sincere, opened and nice friend which always supports us and he is an optimist.
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