Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I get up at 8 a.m. Then, I have a breakfast. I very often eat omelettes in the weekends. After that, I brush my teeth and watch TV. If it's nothing on TV, I don't watch it. Instead I enjoy playing football or cycling.
In the afternoon, I usually visit my grandparents. I always try to visit them as much as I can.
When it's get to dark, I always spend my time at home. There I often play my computer games and have a good time with my sister. We usually fight for fun together. Around 11 o'clock I take a shower and go to sleep.
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On my free day I get up late, at about 10.a.m. I have breakfast in my pyjamas and I watch some cartoons on TV till noon. Then I go out to play ball with my friends.At 3.p.m I usually have dinner and after that I play computer games.In the afternoon I meet my friends and we go for a walk with our dogs. I eat supper at about 8.p.m and in the evening I read books and magazines.
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If I have a free time I like to go to the cinema with my friends where we spent time together or sometimes I play a football in outdoor with them. In saturday when we don't must go to school I don't have a free time for me,because my mother search me something to do ex. car wash :)
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