Absurdities in the USA.
1. In the state of Alabama (USA) prohibited a game of dominoes on Sunday.
2. 14th In Los Angeles (USA), the husband has the right to beat his wife with a belt if the belt width does not exceed 3.6 cm. Well, unless the spouse agrees to make concessions.
3. Alaska (USA) do not wake up from hibernation the bears to do their photography.
4. In San Francisco (USA) offense is a car wash underwear worn.
5. In Maine (USA) is prohibited on Sundays listening to radio broadcasts of entertainment.
6. In California (USA), people without power hunting is prohibited putting traps on the mouse .
7. Florida (USA), unmarried women go to prison if they jump on spadachronie on Sunday.
8. In Illinois (USA) is categorically prohibited from entering the Opera House with the teddy bear.
9. In the state of Indiana (USA), monkeys do not smoke cigarettes.
10. In Washington (USA) is strictly prohibited sex with a virgin.