Właśnie wróciłaś z kursu w Wielkiej Brytanii. Mieszkałaś tam razem z angielską rodziną. Niestety, zostawiłaś coś ważnego w ich domu. Napisz list.
-podziękuj za gościnę i przedstaw problem,
wyjaśnij, dlaczego ten przedmiot jest dla ciebie ważny, podając przynajmniej dwa powody
-opisz ten przedmiot, podając przynajmniej dwa szczegóły
-poproś o przesłanie tego przedmiotu i przeproś za kłopot



just returned from a wonderful stay with you, unfortunately, only now realized that I left in the country a very important item for me, I mean a gold watch, which is a memento of my grandmother.Very please send it to me, as much for me to say, is in my family for generations ... I am very dependent, please contact us. The watch is gold, has a large shield is engraved the inscription "Atlantic." Thank you very much, I hope that it will send the state back.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Mr and Mrs

I would like to say thank you for your hospitality. I am really thankful. Thanks to you I could really improve my English which will be really helpful for me in the future. That was very good advanture. I can't stop talking to my parents how great you are.
Sorry to bother you but I have forgoten in your house my debit card. I think I left it on the top of the shelf in a blue room which I was using while i was there.
It's a green card on the to of that is written Bank Zachodni and on the left side there's my name. So easly you will guess it's mine. Could you send this card on my adress please. It is very important for me because I can't get any money from my account, and I can't even check my statement. I will be really great full if you could do that for me.
Once again I'm sorry to bother you.
I look foward to see you next month in Poland as we decided.
Take care.

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