Two weeks after the storm Jamie was in his father's workshop. Suddenly a man with red hair walked in with some animal skins over his arm.'Where's you father?he asked.
He's in the harbour.He's trying to find fishermen to go with him on the new fishing boat.'said Jamie.
But your father isn't a fisherman.'said the man.
You're right',said Jamie,'but people need fish and lots of the fishermen don't want to got to sea again.They're scared of the seals They're right! said the man,'I was a fisherman and a hunter.
I was on the old fishing boat but I'm not going on the new boat.
Now I'm only hunting animals.Give these skins to your father.
Say they're from Bill.' Jamie continued with his work and them
suddenly he heard a voice behind him.'Jamie,please,help me!
Jamie turned and saw a youg girl. 'Jamie,you love seals.You often play and swim with them'said the girl.
'I'm a seam.My names is Sula.I took off my skin and became a selkiegirl because I need your help.I'm looking for a man in this village.He killed my mother and father.He's a fisherman.They seals started the storm and made holes in the fishing boat because he was on it.They were angry because he killed seals.But the man didn't die.Noe I must find him before he kills more seals'.

Uporządkuj pytania i odpowiedz na nie.
1.Where/be/Jamie's dad?
2.What/Bill/give/to Jamie?
3.Who/Sula/look for/now?
4.Where/the man/see/Bill?
5.Why/seals/go/on the rocks every spring?
6.What/seals/look for/today?



1.Where was Jamie's dad?
He was in the harbor.
2.What has Bill gave to Jamie?
He have gave him a seal's skins.
3.Who is Sula looking for now?
She's looking for a man who has killed her parents.
4.Where has the man seen Bill?
He has seen him in his father's workshop.
5.Why seals go to the rocks every spring?
Tego nie wiem.
6.What are seals looking for today?
They are looking for people who are killing seals.
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