Napisz straszną historię o duchu. opisz gdzie straszy, kogo itd. użyj wyrazów:
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Czas: present simple(chyba że bedziecie pisać jak powstał ten duch to w przeszłym:) )
pilne dzięki:)
aa i to na ok strone A5:D



This is not a product of human imagination. Listen to what were once threats at sea.
One night the ship sails, all filed since he was a big storm. Suddenly, from behind a large wave appeared phantom ship, which was called "corpse." Their captain drew a skull on a stick, which wydobywało a red light. Thanks to all seafarers who have been hypnotized by the human ship began to move toward the spirits. And so for decades, plundering ships and towns. Until such time as the three adventurers turned up their foreheads. Burst in the Lajb and entered into the deck, then came to the corridor where there were dozens of doors, but only one came a loud conversation two spirits:
-I hope that this punishment in the form of spectrum soon will be over - said a
-You are right, now I have had enough! - Said another.
One of the brave guessed that it was a penance, the rest he nodded. After returning to the city trio adventurers, all it rozgłaszało. Once he arrived, "stiff" and the captain took out a magic amulet to use it. People began to talk to the ghosts of their punishment, and sympathize with them, until finally an unusual ship sailors looked at them in disbelief, the commander of the demons suddenly shouted "Charge!" Suddenly thrust a gun and tried to hit the human half-living beings, of course, fail. Over the next decade, all the smaller and larger villages have been attacked, and by the way the ranks of the shadows spread. At one point, it was only a hundred people who have given up and worked as slaves.
To this day, their souls stroll at night after all the ships in the world.