My friend was working in a store last year.
He was stacking tomato soup cans on a shelf.
He had an accident in February.
While he was stacking the cans he fell off the ladder he was standing on.
He broke his arm and had to be transported to the hospital.
He was very upset about his accident.
He spent three weeks at home without going outside.
After he recovered he went to play football with friends.
He decided to be more careful.
He managed to get a better job at the computer store in April.
He was very happy and told us about it.
He did all his best to be the finest employee.
He recieved an award for working so hard.
He felt honored and thanked everyone for their support.
He met a girlfriend at the seaside in July.
He spent a lot of time with the girl and he befriended her quickly.
He had his first kiss after six weeks of knowing his girlfriend.
He moved out of his parents house soon after that.
He told his parents about the girl in December.
He had a wonderful New Year's Eve with his girlfriend.
She was in school yesterday
he was in party party week
She spend her holiday in Paris
She was shocked and suprised
She came back at home late
he wasn't ate
he was a nice and shy
she had to clean her hause
she had to help her mother
she failed A-level exsams
he was in doctor last monday
he cooked dinner yesterday
she called to her friend
she had to write her homework
she spared money
she was intrested in
he invited girl
he was a sick
he had to a fiver
he was in pub yesterday
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