Pomocy pilnie!!
użyj słów w ramce razem z odpowiednim czasem
the simple present and the present continuous
do każdego zdania pytanie i przeczenie

11.I {wear} my sunglasses today because the sun is very strong.
12.Tom can't have the newspaper now because his aunt {read} it.
13.I'm busy at the moment.I {redecorate}the sitting room.
14.The kettle {boil} now.Shall I make the tea?
15.You {enjoy} yourself or would you like to leave now?
I {enjoy} myself very much.I want to stay to the end.
16.How you {get} to work as a rule?
I usually {go} by bus but tomorrow I {go} in Tom's cars.
17.Why you {put} on your coat?
I {go} for a walk.You {come} with me?
18.How much you {owe} him?
I {owe} him 5.
You {intend} to pay him?
19.You {belong} to your local library?
Yes,I do
You {read} a lot?
Yes,quite a lot.
How often you {change} your books?
I {change} one every day.
20.Mary usually {learn} languages very quickly but she {not seem} able to learn modern Greek.
21.I always {buy} lottery tickets but I never {win} anything.
22.You {like} this necklace?I {give} it to my daughter for her birthday tomorrow.
23.I won't tell you my secret unless you { promise} not to tell anyone .
I {promise}.
24.You always {write} with your left hand?
25.You {love} him?
No,I like him very much but i {not love} him.
26.You {dream} at night?
Yes,I always {dream} and it I {eat} toocmuch supper I {have} nightmares.

Daje naj



1. wear
2.is reading
3.am derecorate
6.get, go, am going
20.learnes, doesn't seem
21.buy, win
24. write
25. Do you love him??
I don't love him.
26. Does you dream at niht??
dream, eat, have.

Nie jestem pewna czy dobrze, ale mam nadzieje zę chociaż trochę pomogłam;)